Results from the Turfgrass Alumni Association Survey 2016

April 13, 2016 in Alumni, Articles

At our last annual meeting, in San Diego California, a healthy conversation occurred based on the general direction, meeting format, dues and whether the association should enlist a commercial partner to help defray costs, among other topics.

To that end I have launched a small, unscientific survey, to understand the feeling and direction the association might travel, perhaps, the next several years. The associations officers will make decisions based on these results.

One hundred seventy-six alumni answered the short seven question survey. I will not attempt to analyze or in any way interpret these results.


Chart 1

In the “Other” category the following was mentioned:

  • 75% networking, 25% supporting students
  • A combination of networking, camaraderie, and collections for scholarships
  • As a retired guy I think it should be both, with the main mission being networking and camaraderie, but a look toward supporting the students if nothing more than helping them fine good internships.
  • Help in promoting the school and the program
  • Learning about the turfgrass program and information about the turfgrass industry
  • Basics in organizations are as important as they are in turf. I suggest that we look at the organization’s charter, the answer may be there.
  • Networking & interactions with other alumni are important, but supporting students & research are also important.
  • Networking and roster book w/ email address.
  • Networking, camaraderie, and a mentor program for students that are interested
  • Networking, camaraderie, staying connected. Support students if possible but we were never meant to be a fundraising entity for scholarships. The last meeting made me feel uncomfortable with the money being thrown around.
  • Networking, camaraderie, supporting students in the turfgrass program and supporting the turfgrass industry in general
  • Promote the turfgrass program both inside and outside the university
  • Should be a combination of both options
  • Student support is not as important as promoting our industry
  • support fellow alumni and the industry
  • Supporting Students in turfgrass program through networking and Camaraderie
  • The first two and supporting the faculty
  • Unity, Growth, Success

Cross overs from the “Other” category that mentioned “Both” where added to a specific category. The “Other” category that answered “Both” totaled 71%


Chart 2

“Other” write-in categories:

  • As is but have a special event every 5 years to recognize highlights.
  • Explore options for social away or at conference are good thoughts.  Our group is too big & established not to move into the future.  Admittedly…I forgot about the San Diego event in the mix of the conference.
  • Have a couple of meetings throughout the year as not everyone can attend the national superintendent mtg.
  • Have a hospitality gathering at the conference; charge or cash bar, etc.
  • Have the breakfast – the event, no matter what it is needs to be consistently the same from year to year
  • I have never attended the annual alumni meeting, so I do not feel comfortable answering this question
  • I like how it currently is but what about the alumni outside of golf, sports turf, landscape, etc.
  • I think that a social event now and then would be well received. I have no problem with one of our commercial members helping to offset some of our expenses and function costs. Have a breakfast some years, a dinner some years and a business meeting other years.  I just don’t know how to fit it all in with the shortened duration of the GIS.
  • N/A – haven’t been able to attend in 7 years
  • No true comment to make
  • The “business” meeting is important, but there definitely needs to be an optional element for meeting somewhere else for drinks and conversation for the members that so choose to participate.  I don’t believe there needs to be any commercial partner to help facilitate this, just simply having it be casual.  “Meet at this place at this time and buy your own beers.” I also believe attendance would be up more if we had an optional off site event.
  • The meetings must have very worth and knowledge then they may become social
  • Turfgrass alumni are spread all over the world at all different types of facilities and not everyone attends the national conference and if you are truly trying to get the most out of the conference schedules are tight. An early breakfast probably works the best for those who attend the national. I think a stronger email campaign to reach out to the other limited participants may help. I know I for one need to be more of a participant.


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– Michael D. Vogt, CGCS