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2-Year Program

Chances are, any golf course superintendent you ask has heard about Penn State’s two-year golf turf program—and could very well be an alum of the program. Since 1957, Penn State has offered a certificate in golf course turfgrass management for individuals interested in careers as golf course superintendents. Graduates can be found at top golf courses around the country and around the world.

“It’s a career enhancement program that provides accelerated training for people who may have been in the golf course industry for a couple of years and want to move up, or for someone in a different industry who’s ready for a change. Most of our students have taken college courses, and a lot of them have college degrees. They need the technical expertise to enable them to do a job, and that’s what the two-year program is all about.”

George Hamilton, PhD
Director, 1984-2004

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4-Year Program

The Turfgrass Science major provides an integrated program of study that includes basic and applied sciences, business management courses, and an internship to prepare students for careers in turfgrass management and related areas. By carefully selecting supporting courses and electives, turfgrass science students can adapt the program to meet a variety of professional interests and educational needs. Employment opportunities in turfgrass science include golf course maintenance, sod production, sales and service, athletic field maintenance, and research technician. With appropriate selection of science courses, turfgrass science students can prepare for graduate study leading to careers in teaching, research and extension.

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Online Education

Penn State has a history of 100+ years of distance education and more than a decade of experience in online learning. We strive to create an online learning environment that brings you as close to the face-to-face experience as possible. Learn more about the Penn State World Campus.

My biggest hurdle was balancing a full-time course load and a military career. While finishing my degree, I averaged nine months a year deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq — first as a forward air controller with the Air Force and then as a civilian defense contractor. The flexibility of my instructors and the staff at the World Campus is the only reason that I was able to finish my degree. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I had options for turning my work in or taking a test, no matter what the circumstances were. I can remember taking my textbooks on patrol, then turning in several weeks’ worth of assignments all at once when I got back to the base for my poor professor to grade.

Dustin Hatfield

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