A Message from the Alumni Association

February 19, 2016 in Alumni, Articles

The Pennsylvania State University Turf Grass Alumni Association meeting in San Diego, on February 10th was a well-attended event, with brisk discussion on the future of the organization.

Discussions centered on where, when and what type of venue should the organization use in the future for our meetings. Please click on this link, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CSHM9RT, these 6 questions will be centered on the future purpose of the group and will perhaps guide us in an appropriate direction for future meetings and our role to support Penn State turf initiatives for the coming years.

During the meeting Si Russell of the Samuel I. Russell Foundation assisted in soliciting additional monetary support for the association’s future endeavors. These are the donors that pledged, in person, additional funds to support our future:


John Pollok (1987)            $500

Si Russell                                $100

Mike Vogt (1978)               $100

Darrin Davis (1991)         $200

Brad Owen (1987)             $500

Frank Dobie (1960)          $100

Andy Kjos (200)                                     $100

Jon O’Donnell (1987)      $499

Matt Shaffer (1974)         $501

Jim McMillian                      $500

Mike Giuffre (1985)          $500

Chad Broderick                   (2000)   $100

Craig James                          $100

Mike Bavier (1962)           $200

Michael McCall (1997)  $100

David Webner (1981)     $100


Alumni are urged to donate to preserve the future of this organization as Frank Dobie (1960), Tom Borrows (1960) and Joe Duich (1952) intended it to be.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Alumni Association at mvogt@mcmahongroup.com or (636)-448-0699.

Mike Vogt (1978)