Kaegan Horvat – Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort

June 2, 2015 in 2-year, Internships, Teaching

So last week took me to three different cities by plane to visit three students, while this week is taking me on a car ride around PA and NJ to visit four more. After a quick stopover at a local course to look at some winter injury issues and a talk to the Pocono superintendents at the Scranton Canoe Club, I headed to Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort.

Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort

The course has a lot of history, including the only non-suspension bridge that crosses the Delaware River. Apparently no other bridge touches the water and even the bridge at Shawnee is unique. In fact, the bridge that takes golfers to a majority of the Tillinghast holes is constructed each spring by the staff and taken down at the end of the season. Pretty cool stuff.

Internship #4

Kaegan has worked at the club in various capacities for several years and decided that he would return to his home club for his internship. Although I discourage the return to the club you came from before heading to the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program, I was happy to see that he was doing extremely well. Although I had never been to the club, it was clear that the staff (some of which earned their certificate in the PSU program) was very interested in mentoring and challenging Kaegan during his internship. This kind of interest from the superintendent and assistants as well as the staff can often be the difference between a good internship and a great one and I think Kaegan is lucky to have such a dedicated team to work with.

Check out some pictures from an overcast visit to Shawnee Inn