Jeremy Nicholas – Philadelphia Cricket Club

June 3, 2015 in 2-year, Internships, Teaching

Early to rise this morning as I head from Bordentown, NJ to Flourtown and a trip to the Philadelphia Cricket Club. Dan Meersman is one of my favorite superintendents and the recent renovations completed at the Philadelphia Cricket Club are an outstanding example of what a good restoration of a property is.

Internship Visit #6

It’s only been six visits so far, but it’s starting to all blend together. Luckily for me, I get to mix it up today with a visit to one of my favorite golf courses, but also because there was a lot of activity at Philadelphia Cricket Club. After a quick meeting with Jim Moore of the USGA and Dan Meersman, I toured the course with my student Jeremy Nicholas. He was already very familiar with the course and had been involved in a variety of activities and projects at the club.

Videos Being Produced

In addition to the traditional meetings and visits on my internship trips, we took the opportunity to work with a local videographer to start a series of videos about the Penn State Turfgrass program. On this trip, we are talking about internship visits and what makes Penn State’s program so unique. Dan Meersman (a MSU grad…gasp), even volunteered his time to talk about what he looks for in an intern for the summer.

One last stop on this trip

I’m headed to Delaware now to visit with my student who is interning at Bidermann Golf Club. Stay tuned for that post.

Check out images from my visit to Philadelphia Cricket Club