Be on the lookout for annual bluegrass weevil adults

April 5, 2010 in Extension

By Danny Kline, Project Data Specialist, Entomology Dept.

Golf course superintendents in central and western PA should be on the lookout for annual bluegrass weevil adults. Adults were observed at Bucknell C.C. late last week, and with the warm temperatures over the weekend, more adults should be on the move. Other monitoring sites in Western PA and West Virginia have reached or exceeded the 100 – 120 degree day mark. The late Dr. Paul Heller used to say that adults begin to come out of their over wintering sites between 100 and 120 degree days. Also, forsythia at full bloom to almost 1/2 gold and 1/2 green is consistent with the adult movement.

When numerous adult annual bluegrass weevils are observed, an application of an insecticide (pyrethroids are often used to control adults) may be warranted. Keep in mind that we are having a very unusual spring, so insect lifecycles may not be as predictable as we would like. More updates will be provided as the year progresses.