Jack Falvey – Bel-Air Country Club

May 28, 2015 in 2-year, Internships, Pictures

Yesterday was the start of my west coast swing with my visit with Tyler Jackson at the California Golf Club of San Francisco. After a quick flight to LA last night, I turned my sights on my trip to Bel-Air Country Club to visit with John “Jack” Falvey.

Jack spent his time prior to Penn State in his home state of Minnesota working at the Jewel Club. After a brief winter internship under the direction of Brian Sullivan, Jack decided to head back to LA for his advanced internship.

Although I give guys a bunch of grief for choosing to go out west to work (I’m an east coast guy for sure), it is nice to see the dedication and effort put into the students by everyone at the club. Although I wasn’t surprised by the effort of Brian Sullivan and his crew, it was still nice to see that Jack was getting a well-rounded experience that was above and beyond a “mowing” internship. He was getting involved in all aspects of the agronomics and learning the “why’s” of the decisions made.

For those keeping track of my travel, I made an earlier flight to LA yesterday and was paid in return by a delayed flight to Denver. I now (pending further delays) get in around 12:30AM tonight and have a 3 hour drive east towards tomorrow’s visit. I’m thinking it’s going to be a night in a hotel close by the airport and an early pre-sunrise trip that will take me almost to Nebraska. Maybe I will get lucky and catch an awesome photo-worthy sunrise.

Check out some images from my visit with Jack today: