Matt Shaffer on the Road to the Top

September 1, 2014 in Alumni, Articles

psu1_420Director of Golf Course Operations at Merion and Penn State 2-year program Alum Matt Shaffer describes the his time at Penn State in one word: outstanding.

Like many, Shaffer’s journey started with a job on a local golf course, where he quickly fell in love with the work. “I loved field work when I worked on a farm, but didn’t want to milk cows, so I started working on a local golf course and fell in love with the work,” Shaffer recalls. He then decided to attend Penn State’s 2-year program because “It was the best program East of the Mississippi in 1974 and still is!”. Shaffer remembers fondly the “real life lessons” and practical advice he received from PSU faculty; “if I would have listened to Dr. Duich I would have gotten to the top much quicker, instead I did it the old fashion way learn from your mistakes and start over a lot!” Shaffer reflects.

Since his time at Penn State, Shaffer has gone on to host many championships and other tournaments, most recently the 2013 US Open. Shaffer says that his job ”¬†is like living in a mystery, you never know what tomorrow is going to bring… I love to grow grass, I enjoy being a mentor and teaching others what I know”.¬†Despite his success, when asked about the most exciting thing that has happened in his career, Shaffer answers “most would say The US Open, or the other championships, but really it was my long journey to the top”.