Turf insect update from Danny Kline

April 29, 2010 in Extension

Annual bluegrass weevil larvae were found in Maryland earlier this week. This means we will probably begin to see larvae in some areas of Pennsylvania next week. Seven different superintendents have agreed to send two soil samples to Penn State per week, starting next week. A salt extraction technique will be used to draw larvae from the soil so they can be counted and developmental stages examined.

Billbug adults are moving in turf, but not in large numbers yet. Looking at the 15 day forecast, conditions will remain unseasonably cool, with nighttime temperatures in the 30s. These cool temperatures should slow billbug development.

Grubs should start moving up toward the soil surface following the rain we received earlier this week. Sampling will begin next week and see if grubs are present near turf roots.

Stay tuned for more reports.