Governor Wolf Signs Turfgrass Fertilizer Bill into Law

Following 12 years of debate and failed attempts to pass state-wide legislation, Pennsylvania now has a law governing turfgrass fertilizer application dates, practices, rates, and type of fertilizer used.  On July 11, Governor Wolf signed SB 251, a bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator Gene Yaw (R) and Senator Carolyn Comitta (D), into law. Currently known more

2018 Golf Turf Conference

Penn State and the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council are pleased to announce that the annual Penn State Golf Turf Conference will be held from November 13th through the 15th in the Nittany Lion Inn in State College, PA. The event will include a pre-conference seminar, the Turf Club Luncheon, and multiple educational sessions on a wide more

Update on Proposed Turfgrass Fertilizer Legislation

Pennsylvania government officials and industry representatives have been debating a comprehensive turfgrass fertilizer bill for almost seven years. Although the bill has gone through several revisions, no legislative action has taken place to date. Faced with renewed urgency to comply with the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load program, the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture has assembled a new document that may soon become a fertilizer bill (currently referred to as the “Fertilizer Act”). This proposed bill is in the final stages of development and has been released to the public. It has a number of provisions that were in the previous bill, but also differs in several categories. Below is a summary of the newly proposed Pennsylvania fertilizer bill as it pertains to turfgrass.

Brown Ring Patch Active in Central PA

On May 22nd, I received a call from a golf course superintendent in central PA about a disease that was producing yellow circular patches on his annual bluegrass greens. The symptoms looked like necrotic ring spot; however, when the superintendent and I looked at the crowns and roots, we did not see the dark-brown vascular root and crown discoloration typically associated with this disease.

Entomology Update from the Turfgrass Entomology Lab at PSU

We have had a rapid change in the development of our ABW populations in PA since my last blog entry (though it appears we are in a slight cool down at the moment). Early instar larvae were abundant in samples from across the state mid-week last week (May 13th). Our plant indicators that signal optimal larvicide timing (Rhododendron catawbiense – which I have been misspelling for a long time) have gone into full bloom in a relatively short time frame. If you are intending on putting down a larvicide, now would be a good time, as the population of larvae residing in the plant are beginning to appear in the soil.

2015 Snow Mold Trial (VIDEO)

In the interest of trying to expand our delivery methods when it comes to our trial work and outreach, I have decided to attempt to put together a series of videos for all of the trials that we conduct in any given year. It’s actually a big undertaking that adds a lot of work to more

Control of Yellow Nutsedge in Pennsylvania Lawns and Athletic Fields

Yellow nutsedge may not be the worst weed problem in Pennsylvania lawns and athletic fields, but when conditions are right, it can certainly be a nuisance. Fortunately, nutsedge is relatively easy to control when using the proper herbicide at the correct stage of growth.

Winterkill Damage on Turfgrass in Central Pennsylvania

The bitter cold and icy conditions during the winter of 2013/14 revealed “spotty” instances of winterkill on golf courses, lawns, and sports turf this spring. While the exact cause is unclear, relatively warm temperatures in the third week of February (highs ranging from 45 to 50°F) may have allowed crown tissues of annual bluegrass and perennial ryegrass to become hydrated and thus, more susceptible to freezing injury. Unfortunately, temperatures dropped to as low as -1°F the following week, and this may have resulted in freezing of crown tissue and plant death. A brief description of the causes and management of turfgrass winterkill are provided in the following paragraphs.

Paul B. Latshaw

One More Championship for PSU Turf Alum

The name is a nod back to Scotland, where golf’s first rules were written. The inspiration draws upon Bobby Jones and Augusta National. P.G.A. But the stamp upon Muirfield Village Golf Club is wholly that of Jack Nicklaus. Muirfield Village, site of the 10th Presidents Cup this week, is but one of nearly 300 layouts more

Penn State’s Ag Progress Days a Success

Penn State administrators in Old Main and on Ag Hill were elated months ago that the state was proposing flat funding for the university’s agricultural research and extension line items. They were hopeful for extra money, but in tough economic times, they weren’t going to count their chickens before they hatch. As it turns out, a state budget passed that would give the College of Agricultural Sciences $1.5 million more than administrators originally anticipated for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. At the university’s and college’s annual Ag Progress Days

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